2020 New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

21 New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids to Make the Night Special

New Year’s Eve used to mean staying up late and attending/hosting a party, watching a movie, and playing games. That was before kids. Now, I stay home and go to bed earlier; but that doesn’t mean New Year’s Eve is any less fun. In fact, I think it is more fun with kids. It is always fun to see my daughters excitement as we do fun activities and just make the day special. It is always so exciting to plan fun (but simple) activities for my daughter. After searching, I’ve found some great activities and crafts you can do with your kids to make New Year’s Eve fun and special. Enjoy!

New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

Countdown Activities



Looking for more fun? Check out my Screen-Free Dinner Activities to make dinner a blast with young kids.

There you have it, some awesome and simple activities to make New Year’s Eve fun and special for your kids. What are you going to do with your kids for New Year’s Eve? Leave a comment below.

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