Straight Body Stretch (SBS)

A position in which the gymnast’s body is in a straight line from the fingertips (arms raised overhead) to the heels. Arms should be covering the ears and hands turned out.

Areas to watch:

  • Ribs. Ribs should be in, not poking out.
  • Low back. The low back should not be arched beyond the natural arch of the back. If the stomach is poking forward, then the back is too arched. The gymnast should try to pull her belly button back to her spine.
  • Hips. The hips should be tucked under with the bum tight. Again, if the low back is arched the bum will not be in proper alignment.
  • Legs. Legs should be straight and together.

The gymnast should have a ‘connected line’ from her fingers to heels. This means that if you press down on her arms, no part of her body should pop out of alignment. If it does, she needs to re-position and tighten up her muscles.

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