Easy preschool gross motor activity using bubble wrap.

Easy Gross Motor Activity Using Bubble Wrap

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Like most of the world, we are staying home to stay safe during these challenging times. As difficult as being home most of the time, it also breads creativity (and a bit of silliness). This week we have really enjoyed a gross motor activity with bubble wrap that has been a lot of fun.

Bubble Wrap Hopscotch

I remember playing hopscotch as a child. It was a lot of fun! Without any hopscotch outside or sidewalk chalk to make one, I decided to make my own indoor version. This activity is super simple, cheap, and mess free!

Indoor hopscotch with bubble wrap for great sensory gross motor play.

All you need is:

To make your indoor sensory hopscotch activity simply write numbers 1-10 on ten different pieces of paper. I let my daughter pick out the colors and I wrote the numbers, but you could also let your child write the numbers as well. We talked about colors and numbers to sneak in a little ‘academic’ work.

Then cut pieces of bubble wrap slightly larger than your paper and tape it to the top side of the papers (make sure the bubbles are facing up).

Finally, tape your hopscotch in any configuration that you want onto the floor and let the popping begin!


  • As your child jumps on the numbers have him/her yell out the color or number.
  • You call out a color or number and your child jumps on the paper.
  • Throw a soft object (like a bean bag or stuffed animal) onto one of the numbers and do the hopscotch while skipping that number.
  • Single leg jump on one foot all the way through the hopscotch.
  • Jump with both feet together all the way.
  • Jump backwards.

After jumping and playing hopscotch for a few days, my daughter decided to ride her scooter over it. WOW! It sounded like firecrackers. The bubble wrap lasted for about a week before it started to get ripped up and we pulled it off the floor, but we will definitely do this again in the future.

The possibilities with bubble wrap are endless. What else have you done with bubble wrap? I’d love to hear and see, leave a comment below.

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