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25 Awesome Gifts Gymnasts Will Love

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about the perfect gifts for all the people we love. If a gymnast is on your list, then you’re in luck! Whether you have a recreational or team gymnast on your list check out our gifts for gymnasts guide and find something she will love!

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The ultimate gift guide for gymnasts. Gifts gymnasts will love.

Stocking Stuffers

Workout Essentials

Dowel Grips

Double buckle dowel grip gymnastics
Wide Palm
Gibson buckle narrow dowel grip gymnastics
Narrow Palm

As your gymnast works more advanced skills on the uneven bars, it is particularly important that she wear dowel grips. These help her grip the bar more effectively and reduce the likelihood of her loosing her grip and slipping off the bar. Things to consider:

  • Wide or narrow palm grip? This is primarily a personal preference, however if your gymnast is young and has smaller hands the narrow grips may fit better.
  • Buckle or velcro closure? I recommend a buckle closure because they are more secure. As a gymnast I used velcro (as did all my teammates), however, the velcro would always come undone or loosen. To prevent this I put rubber bands around the velcro, my teammates taped around the velcro. Buckles are just more secure.

Wrist Bands

Adjustable neoprene wrist band
Adjustable Neoprene Wrist Band
2.5" cotton wrist bands.
Cotton 2.5″ Wrist Band

Wrist bands: Cotton or Neoprene? Again, this is personal preference. Cotton wrist bands are cheaper, but wear out faster and move around on the wrist more. I recommend velcro close neoprene wrist bands because they last longer and are more protective against painful wrist rips. The adjustable velcro closure makes it much easier to get the wrist band on and off. (Without the velcro closure, it is really hard to pull off the wrist–especially when your gymnast is sweaty from a hard bar workout.)



Workout shorts for gymnasts.
Great Workout Shorts

Mats and Home Equipment

Panel Mat

Panel mats for gymnastics, easy and versatile gifts for gymnasts.

Panel mats (small folding tumbling mats) are a great gift for gymnasts. They are easy to set up and put away and provide a softer surface for those gymnasts that just don’t stop flipping when they leave the gym (just about every gymnast I know).

Other Mats

Landing mat for gymnastics.

This small landing mat is great for cushioning falls and putting under home bars or other equipment.

Incline mat for gymnastics.

The incline (cheese) mat is great for forward and backward rolls, brides, bride kick-overs, back handsprings and more! Easily folds for storage.

Cartwheel mat for young gymnasts.

The Cartwheelinator is a great gift for young gymnasts! It will help your young gymnast master the cartwheel. The raised surface makes her work just a little bit harder to get her feet up and over, allowing her to build the necessary strength to perform a cartwheel. Also, I love the visual of kicking over something! It makes it much easier for young gymnasts to understand what she needs to do in a cartwheel. The hand placement guides are also a nice touch.

Over the door handstand mat for gymnastics.

Homework has never been so much fun! Meet the handstand homework mat. This mat is multi-functional. One side is a cartwheel mat for young gymnasts, while the other side has a ‘beam’ stripe and can be used on the floor or hooked over a door. While hooked over the door, your gymnast can practice her handstand. Included is a workbook, full of pictures, that helps your gymnast improve her handstands–which is arguably the most important skill in gymnastics.


Balance beams, a great gift for gymnasts.

Beams are a great gift for gymnasts of any age and skill. I love that this beam has velcro legs. This not only makes it easy to store, simply detach the legs and slide the beam against a wall. But it also is great because there are no wood legs for your gymnast to fall on, get scrapped on, or otherwise get hurt.

Foldable balance beam for gymnastics.

These small folding mats are great for preschool age gymnasts, but also for recreational gymnasts. They are soft with foam inside and fold for easy storage. These are a great first introduction to the balance beam in a safe and non-intimidating environment.

Floor Bar

Floor bar for gymnastics.
Floor Bar with Velcro and Pads

Practice squat-ons, handstands, and pirouettes with this excellent floor bar (it also works great with the handstand homework mat). I like that the ends are covered with pads so no sharp/pointed edges. I also love that it velcros to the floor to hold it in place (no carpet, try this bar).

Home Bar Packages

Gymnastics bar and mat for at home.
Junior Bar Pro with Landing Mat
Gymnastics bar and two mats for at home. Great gifts for gymnasts.
Junior Bar Pro with Panel Mat and Landing Mat

These packages are excellent for young gymnast. The Junior Bar Pro is stable. The height is easily adjustable and there are no sharp edges on the end of the bar. Pick the package that works best for you.

  • Bar, landing mat, and bar pad. The bar pad is helpful for avoiding pinched skin and makes a softer resting/landing area on the bar.
  • Bar, landing mat, and panel mat.

The landing and panel mats are also great to use for tumbling, rolling, and other skills when your gymnast isn’t on the bar.

Other Great Gifts

Medal Holder

This is great way to display all the medals your gymnast earns. A much better solution than just putting them in a box!

I heart gymnastics medal holder. Gift for gymnasts.
Display all those medals!
"Gymnast forever" t-shirt.
“Gymnast Forever” T-Shirt
"Gymnastics Psychology" book by Dr. Joe Massimo and Dr. Sue Massimo.

This book tackles the mental side of gymnastics. It’s great for parents and gymnasts alike. As a parent, it helps you understand how to best support your gymnast without putting undue stress and expectations on her.

It is extremely valuable for gymnasts wanting to improve their mental skills–confidence, overcoming negative thoughts and blocks, mental preparation for competition, and more. It is a must-have for any gymnast to perform at her full potential!

What do you think? Let me know what else your gymnast would love. Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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