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Fun Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls (Who Love Frozen II or Doc McStuffins)

Gifts for 3 year old girls are so fun! But it can also, be hard. There are so many great gifts, it’s hard to choose just one (or two). If you are looking for gifts for a 3 year old girl, check out these ideas for Frozen II and Doc McStuffins lovers as well as a few bonus ideas that are always a great choice.

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Frozen II Lovers

Ice Castle Dollhouse

Frozen II Doll Playset

Dollhouses are fun, especially when they are a castle. Join in the Frozen II fun with a great ice castle doll house. Be sure to snag Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven to complete the playset and recreate Frozen II scenes or imagine your own stories for hours of play.

Elsa Dress

Elsa Boots

Elsa is back (did she ever leave?) and ready to play. These dress and boots make great gifts for 3 year old girls who love to dress up!

Elsa Doll With Remote Control Olaf

Elsa Doll

This is so cool! This fun Elsa doll is accompanied by a remote controlled Olaf. But it’s not an ordinary remote control, rather it’s Elsa that directs Olaf. To get Olaf to move, simply raise Elsa’s arm. So fun!

Spark imagination with this Elsa doll. Play and braid her hair; sing, “Let it Go;” or make a story all your own. The possibilities are endless.

Frozen II Mess Free Coloring

Frozen Activity Easel With Storage Bins

Here are some great finds for the art lover, who loves Frozen. I love the mess free coloring books by Crayola. The markers will not write on anything other than the paper that comes with them. This means I can actually trust my 3 year old with these markers and I won’t have to worry about a mess all over the walls, books, toys, dolls, table, couch, chairs, the list could go on and on… My daughter loves these markers because she feels grown up with them, because I don’t normally let her have markers.

This is a great easel with a nice Frozen design. It’s so much fun to be an artist and work at an easel (not to mention the great shoulder muscle strengthening that will aid in future handwriting). I also love the bins underneath to store all your supplies in a nice and easy-to-get location that is ready when you are.

Doc McStuffins Lovers

Doc McStuffins All-In-One Nursery

Get Better Baby Cece Doc McStuffins Doll

“The Doc is in!” Take care of all your babies with the Doc McStuffins all-in-one nursery. It comes with a ton of accessories to take care of all your patients and make sure they get a good nights rest with a cradle that rocks. The Get Better Baby Cece doll would make a perfect addition. If she’s sick, give her a checkup and help her feel all better.

Doc McStuffins Pet Rescue Mobile

Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Doctor’s Bag

Take the pet vet care on the go! Have everything you need to take care of any sick or injured pets wherever you are. This fun pet rescue mobile folds up like a carry-on suitcase for easy mobility. Super fun!

No doc would be complete without a doctor’s bag. Have fun doing check ups with this great doctor tool bag. My daughter loves her veterinarian kit (that includes much of the same tools as this one) and plays with it practically everyday for close to a year now. She really loves to make sure everyone is okay and scoops in to help if she needs to with awesome doctor tools.

Fun Bonus Gift Ideas 3 Year Old Girls Will Love!

Step 2 Little Bakers Play Kitchen

Make Your Own Unicorn Purse

My daughter absolutely loves this kitchen! We got it for her last Christmas and she has played with it nearly every day for a year. She loves the kitchen and the cupcakes (or as she calls them, “muffins”). She loves that she can feed her dolls or animals in the high chair. She also likes to do the dishes in the little sink after she is done cooking. This kitchen has be a great addition and has stood up well to everyday play. I highly recommend it!

How cute is this? Unicorns really seem to be on every girl’s list of things she loves. Now she can make a purse to store all of her treasures that is also a cute unicorn. In addition, working on crafts like this allow for ample fine motor practice in a very fun way. Another great win-win gift for 3 year old girls!

Mix and Match Animals

Kids Camera

My daughter loves these animals. She was first introduced to them at the library. They are cute animals that come apart in the middle and your little one can mix and match to make funny animals. My daughter loves to make silly animals and then we try to figure out what that animal would say. These animals are sure to bring lots of fun and laughter!

Cameras are great! Not only does this give your girl a camera of her own (and keep her from stealing your phone to take pictures–does anybody else’s kids do that?), but it is also very fun to see things from her perspective. Gift a camera and enjoy a new perspective, it can be very eye opening.

Know a Gymnast?

If so, check out my 25 gifts gymnasts will love.

Find anything fun that your 3 year old girl will love? What other things do you like to get a little girl? Let me know in the comments below.

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