The Best Toddler Gift Under $5!

The best gift under $5 for toddlers that will be useful for years to come.

When my daughter was just under a year old it was time to celebrate her very first Christmas. I was so excited as a new mom! I wanted to buy the whole store—no joke. However, I had to put those desires aside and focus on staying within budget for her Christmas gifts. This particular gift has been one of her favorites. She is now close to 4 years old and still loves to play with it. Sometimes it is the simplest things that toddlers love the most. (Whose kids love the box more than the gift?) Toddler gifts don’t always need to be a toy that lights up and plays music, as fun as those can be. Are you ready for it? Drumroll…the best gift for a toddler under $5 is…

Photo Album toddler gift under $5
Family Photo Album

Simple Photo Album

A photo album! My daughter loves this thing. I bought this photo album at Walmart for less than $5, filled it with pictures of my daughter as well as family pictures. Young children love looking at faces of other babies, so why not let her look at herself and her family? She loves pointing to all the people in the various pictures and we discuss who they are. This is especially helpful because we live far away from one side of the family and rarely get to see them. Even though this is the case, I believe it is still important for her to know who her family is.

This album can hold 100, 4X6 pictures. We haven’t even filled half of it yet, so as we get more pictures we will have a place to put them where she can regularly see herself and family. What a great toddler gift!


What are some other ways you help your toddler to know far-away family—aside from video chats, we do that too? What are some of the best toddler gifts you have either given or received on a tight budget? I’d love to hear your ideas, comment below!

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