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It’s so great that you’re here! I’m known as “Mom,” “Mommy,” or “Mama” to one beautiful daughter. Before I was “Mama,” I was a gymnastics coach. Before that, I was a gymnast. My gymnastics coach and Mom ‘hats’ have collided and I am very passionate about everything gymnastics, but also about finding ways to help my daughter explore and engage in the world around her.

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Hideous Warm-Ups at the Beginning of My Gymnastics Career
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The Unlikely Gymnast

When I was young my best friends and I joked that we were the “Three Musketeers” because we were inseparable. One of these friends was in gymnastics. She loved it and asked if me and the other “musketeer” wanted to try it. Of course we did! I asked my Mom if I could try gymnastics and I very distinctly remember her saying, “We’ll try it for a month.” Haha, that “month” has turned into a lifetime passion!

While my introduction into gymnastics may not have been so unlikely, my age was. I didn’t step foot into a gym until I was nine years old. That may sound young enough, but in the world of gymnastics–as many of you know–I was ‘old.’ Eventually, the “three musketeers” were together on a competitive gymnastics team. It was fun! I loved it! As the years went by, my childhood friends stepped away from the sport to pursue other interests. I stayed. It was my life, my identity.

Dozens of Coaches

My start in gymnastics was a rough one. I started in a small gym that just wasn’t equipped with everything that was needed–including qualified coaches. I loved my coaches, but it was rough when time and time again a coach would leave after only being there for a short time. Some went onto school, got married, moved on with life, or simply found better gyms. That was hard!

I Want to Help!

I may not be able to do anything about coach turnover in a specific location, but I believe that knowledge truly is power. If coaches have knowledge; then they can feel comfortable, confident, and engaged. This, in turn, has the power to give more stability between coaches and gymnasts. It is a win-win for coaches and gymnasts alike.

I have coached gymnastics, from preschool to optional, for 10 years. In that time, I have trained many new coaches in both recreational and team gymnastics. I love working and collaborating with different coaches. Everyone has different experiences and ideas. I hope this blog can be a place where gymnastics coaches can find new ideas, but also a place where we can exchange ideas. If we all lift each other, we will rise together and improve the sport of gymnastics!

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Mom Before Mom

“Mom” is a sweet title that can be applied to most women. Narrowly, “Mom” is someone who has given birth. However, I don’t like to think so narrowly. Before I became Mom to my daughter, I felt like I was a motherly figure to the gymnasts I coached. Simply put, I felt like I was someone who they could rely on and that I could make a positive impact on their lives. For this reason, those I coached were “my girls.”


Becoming a mother in the traditional sense did not come quickly or in my timing, but I am glad for that. It helps me appreciate my daughter all the more. I may be fairly new to this ‘mothering’ thing (just a few years), but I have found a passion in it. Taking care of my sweet daughter is my number one. As part of this I have found that I really enjoy finding and inventing new ways for her to engage in the world. I love the spark of light in her face when she discovers something new. There are no words to describe it!

Fun Stuff

I may be new, but I want to help other moms find meaningful activities for their children. Maybe one day we are painting a pumpkin with cool paint sticks, the next we are out discovering leaves and trees, and the day after that we are home having fun in impromptu play. I’m not a perfect mother. I have my bad mom days, but I strive to have a loving home filled with fun, active, intentional learning.

Who Is This Blog For?

  • The gymnastics community, primarily new coaches. Although a post that is helpful for gymnasts, parents, or judges may occasionally be found.
  • Moms who want to be more intentional in their young children’s learning through fun and active play.


I want to help kids be happy inside and outside of the gymnastics gym.

Let’s get to it!