Hello! I'm a coach and A mom.

Kristy Read

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here! Whether you’re a gymnastics coach looking for new ideas to help your gymnasts or a mom looking for fun and intentional ways to engage with your young kids, I want to help! 

Together we can encourage…

Happy Kids In and Out of the Gym

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19 Years of Experience in Gymnastics.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and 19 years of experience in the gymnastics field (9 years as a gymnast and another 10 years as a coach). All coaching styles are different, but I hope that by sharing what I have learned through those years I may be able to help the beginning gymnastics coach get a great start.

Intentional Mothering

My years of a mother have been few, however, I have developed a passion helping my daughter explore the world around her in a very intentional way. Some ideas work, others don’t, but I want to share the ideas we do. I want to help moms connect with their young children through fun and engaging activities.

Kristy Read

What People Are Saying

“Kristy Is Amazing! She has a great eye in the world of gymnastics. She knows how to pull apart skills to make it easy for athletes to improve and find success in performing skills on all 4 events. For many years she was extremely valued in my gymnastics club not only through coaching but through working with parents and working through the dynamics of meets and athlete training. She has a great knowledge of athletic training and is great at helping athletes heal from injuries. She also is great at promoting safety to avoid injuries. Kristy all around has a great knowledge of the sport & would be helpful to anyone seeking to learn more!”

Abbie Dwiggins
Coach (and former gymnast)
"Kristy is an amazing coach! I was able to coach with her for many years. Kristy's love of gymnastics was shown through her coaching. She is so knowledgeable, and if there were any questions about skills, she would research until she found the answers. Gymnastics is a sport that continually has changes, and Kristy is always up to date with what is happening in the gymnastics world. I am so blessed I was able to coach and get to know her, and I am so glad she is using her knowledge to help others. This will be a fantastic source for parents, gymnasts, and coaches wanting to learn more about gymnastics.
Jeannie Hamilton
Former Head Coach, Utah Twisters
"I worked with Kristy for two years coaching a level 3 team of girls. She was very competent and patient with the girls. She was always upbeat and positive. Kristy was always up to date with training ideas for the skills we needed to teach and was excellent at spotting the girls so they could get new skills."
Kelly Nielsen

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